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still tired, not really writing

Sometimes, the longer I sit here, the harder it becomes to write.

Looks like this will be another filler post. I'm still pretty tired, presumably from the combination of having a cold and traveling, so I don't want to write anything long. I did feel somewhat better today, after spending a good 13 hours or so sleeping last night and this morning, but I still found myself feeling pretty tired even early this evening. Sitting here trying to write doesn't help, either.

I've realized too that I'll probably have to start making posts early in the day, as I can expect to be busy at least several evenings while I'm home, due to hanging out with friends. I don't particularly want to post early, as I feel I need to make an effort to take care of some other business during the day too, but it's the only way I can be sure to get things done. I may just devote myself to writing all the archive concert summaries and reviews I haven't done, since that will remove the trouble of thinking up topics and also meet one of my goals. 

For now, off to bed.

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