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KEXP needs your help!

KEXP is competing to win the bid for redeveloping the Arcade pavilion at Seattle Center. KEXP badly needs to move to a new location, which does include increasing their office space (people are literally working in hallways and former storage closets in the current building), but moving to the Arcade pavilion would also allow them to greatly expand their studio space, enabling them to open up the live in-studio performances to the public, as well as having some of those performances be outdoors at the adjoining Mural Amphitheater for even larger audiences. KEXP held over 500 in-studio performances in 2009 alone, so this would be a great benefit to the city. (Read their full proposal.)

However, the Seattle Center committee recently chose to endorse the Chihuly Exhibition Center proposal, which would turn the Arcade pavilion into a private museum devoted solely to Chihuly's glass artwork. The museum would charge admission, rather than providing a free public benefit, and due to the static nature of the exhibition it would primarily be of interest to tourists, not the local community. Slog, The Stranger's blog, has more information on why this is a bad proposal.

You can help KEXP! Please write to the mayor and City Council and voice your support for KEXP's proposal. The mayor has stated that he will take public commentary into consideration when deciding whether to accept the committee's recommendation. See the page http://blog.kexp.org/blog/seattlecenter/ on KEXP's website for more information.

KEXP means a lot to me. If you have any love of music, if you've ever enjoyed discovering new music, it should mean a lot to you, too. Thanks for your support.

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