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fun times and deja vu

I've missed posting two days so far this month, both of them unintentionally, but at least for good reasons: in both cases I had some work come in during the afternoon, and then I had evening plans to go out for some fun which lasted late enough that I wasn't able to post for that day. Last Thursday, it was to see one of my favorite Seattle bands, Beehive, who were doing their first show in months and it was my first time seeing them since January; I had a great time at the show and then hanging out with them afterward.

Last night was my usual trivia night (Facebook group) at The BalMar, at which my team won once again, with my share of the pot being $15… and then I discovered that my hasty parking, ignoring the posted back-in-only regulation, had earned me a $42 ticket. Crap. After that, though, I went to a small going-away party for one of my fellow KEXP volunteers, who's returning to her home in France, where I had a good time and met some new people. That included two women who induced a really strong impression in me that I already knew them and had spent time hanging out with them, but they didn't recognize me, we apparently had no friends in common besides the KEXP volunteer (who'd only been here for three months, and my sense of recollection suggested I would've met them a year or two ago), and I couldn't place where I would've met them. I also couldn't come up with anyone else I knew that they could be reminding me of so strongly, so I had to conclude that it was something like deja vu, and I was responding to some composite of some other people I knew and perhaps just recognizing common elements of their looks. Still, it was very disconcerting to have such a strong impression that I knew not just one or the other, but had spent time with both of them together, and still be unable to place them or dismiss the impression. It actually kept me awake for a while. 

More fun stuff this week: on Friday, the last KEXP Concert at the Mural for this year, featuring Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (hopefully it won't rain); later Friday night, my friend Tony Sacco is playing drums with a band called Sightseer at Cafe Venus / Mars Bar; and Saturday is another party hosted by one of my KEXP friends, which should be a great time.


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